Various Hemoglobinopathies



Hemoglobin conditions are inherited diseases that affect the number or shape of the red blood cells in the body. These conditions can be very different from one another. Some hemoglobinopathies can cause life-threatening symptoms, while others do not cause medical problems or even signs of the condition. Mild hemoglobinopathies may require no medical treatment. However, when severe cases are left untreated, it can cause a shortage of red blood cells, organ damage, or even death.  Signs of severe hemoglobinopathies usually start soon after birth. In some cases, signs may not appear until childhood. Early signs of hemoglobinopathy include sleeping longer or more often, tiredness, shortness of breath, pain or swelling in the hands or feet, cold hands or feet, and pale skin. Fortunately, when severe hemoglobinopathies are identified and treated early in life, affected children often can lead healthy lives. 

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Various hemoglobinopathies is the name for a group of blood-related genetic conditions, which can have various causes, effects, and treatments. Approximately, one in every 20,000 babies born in the United States is diagnosed with some sort of hemoglobinopathy.

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Also known as:
  • Var Hb
  • Hemoglobin conditions
  • Various other hemoglobinopathies

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