Genetics and Newborn Screening Advisory Council (GNSAC)


The purpose of the Genetics and Newborn Screening Advisory Council  (GNSAC) is to advise the department about:

(a) Conditions for which testing should be included under the screening program and the genetics program. Within one year after a condition is added to the federal Recommended Uniform Screening Panel, the council shall consider whether the condition should be included under the state’s screening program.

(b) Procedures for collection and transmission of specimens and recording results

(c) Methods whereby screening programs and genetics services for children now provided or proposed to be offered in the state may be more effectively evaluated, coordinated, and consolidated.

Genetics and Newborn Screening Advisory Council Membership

Per Section 383.14, Florida Statutes — “There is established a Genetics and Newborn Screening Advisory Council made up of 15 members appointed by the State Surgeon General. The Council shall be composed of two consumer members, three practicing pediatricians, at least one of whom must be a pediatric hematologist, a representative from each of four medical schools in this state, the State Surgeon General or his or her designee, one representative from the Department of Health representing Children’s Medical Services, one representative from the Florida Hospital Association, one individual with experience in newborn screening programs, one individual representing audiologists, and one representative from the Agency for Persons with Disabilities. All appointments shall be for a term of 4 years. The chairperson of the Council shall be elected from the membership of the Council and shall serve for a period of 2 years. The Council shall meet at least semi-annually or upon the call of the chairperson. The Council may establish ad hoc or temporary technical advisory groups to assist the Council with specific topics which come before the Council. Council members shall serve without pay. Pursuant to the provisions of s. 112.061, the Council members are entitled to be reimbursed for per diem and travel expenses.”

To apply for consideration for advisory council membership, please complete the following application: Department of Health Appointment Questionnaire

Upcoming Meetings 

  • August 28, 2020 — Additional details to be announced shortly.

Past Meetings