Screening Roadmap


Newborn Screening Saves Lives – Nurses Make Screening Possible

On average, 700 newborns are born each year with a condition found through newborn screening (NBS). Those babies who are identified early, before symptoms begin, can grow up to live normal, productive lives with medication or treatment. Here is a typical roadmap for the NBS process.


A baby is born.


After 24 hours, the screening process begins.


Three screenings check the baby's health.


Test Results

Hearing and heart screen results are given to parents before they leave the hospital. Blood spots are sent to the Bureau of Public Health Laboratory in Jacksonville.


NBS Laboratory

At the laboratory, blood spots are screened for more than 55 health conditions. This process takes a few days.


If the screening is normal,

results are sent to the hospital or birthing center, etc., that sent the screen. The results are also posted for the baby's doctor on the Florida NBS results website.


If the screening shows there may be a problem,

and the baby needs more testing, the NBS nurse contacts the baby's doctor, or sends a referral to one of the specialty centers located throughout Florida.