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What is newborn screening?

All newborns are tested because even babies who look healthy may have a health problem. Newborn screening is about finding these conditions before symptoms appear. Early detection and treatment of health issues can help your baby grow up healthier. Find out more about newborn screening with this video. For a full list of conditions, click here.

What should I expect from my baby’s first test?

Parents-to-be may have questions about newborn screening. This video from Baby’s First Test explains what to expect during their baby’s first test, and walks them through the heel stick, hearing, and pulse oximetry screenings.

How can I help my baby’s doctor provide results faster?

If the test result is abnormal, the baby’s health care provider or Florida’s Newborn Screening Follow-up Program will contact you about obtaining additional testing. Please note, a positive result does not mean the baby has a particular condition.

  • Your address and phone number are correct on the blood collection form
  • The correct health care provider is listed on the blood collection form

Is the newborn screening the same thing as a “PKU test?”

No. The term “PKU test” is outdated and misleading since phenylketonuria (PKU) is only one of many conditions on the newborn screening panel. PKU was the first condition screened for by newborn screening in the 1960s. Using this misnomer can cause confusion among parents who have been notified of an abnormal test result. Their initial reaction could be to look up PKU online and jump to conclusions, while unaware the abnormal test result could have been related to another condition on the screening panel.