Newborn Screening


Newborn Screening Toolkit

Educational Resources

A Life Changer Parent Brochure

Your baby is a life changer. So is newborn screening.

Communicate with Your Child

Helping families learn how to communicate with hearing loss.

Hearing Screening Folder

Can you pick out which baby has hearing loss?

A Life Changing Test

Katie Dagenais, parent and former Executive Director of Florida Hands & Voices, shares her experience of what the newborn hearing screening process was like for her family. A copy of this letter is included in the Referred Hearing Folder that is provided to hospitals to give to parents when a baby does not pass the newborn hearing screening.

Hearing Milestones Magnets

Hearing Milestones magnets are 3” x 4” and describe typical hearing developmental milestones for infants. Copies are provided to any requestors that serve pregnant women or families with infants.

Parent's Guide to Hearing

After diagnosis is confirmed, EHDI staff will send parents a copy of A Florida Parent’s Guide to Hearing.

Hearing Roadmap

Learn about the hearing screen process.