Hemoglobin C, D, and E Conditions



Although these conditions do not tend to cause health problems, consultation with a Pediatric Hematologist is recommended.

Hemoglobin C Disease

Affects 2-3% of the African American population in the United States. Usually does not cause health problems other than a low blood count or anemia.  The anemia that develops is mild. However, some may develop infections, enlarged spleen, increased risk for gallstones, episodes of joint pain, and increased risk of infection.

Hemoglobin D Disease 

This is most common among people of India, Pakistan, England, Ireland, Holland, Australia, China, Iran and Turkey ancestry. It is rare and a relatively mild disease. However, some people develop an enlarged spleen and may need treatment at the time.

Hemoglobin E Disease

This is common in people of Southeast Asian ancestry. Usually does not cause health problems other than anemia and a low blood count and requires no treatment, some people may develop an enlarged spleen. 

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  • Hemoglobin C Disease
  • Hemoglobin D Disease
  • Hemoglobin E Disease
  • FC, FD, FE
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